GITAM School of International Business

GITAM (Deemed to be University), Visakhapatnam

(Batch 2015-2016) Nuevora Analytics Technologies Pvt Ltd.

A really good place to learn and have a great time. The college provides excellent infrastructure and has a fantastic campus. The faculty are amazing, friendly, and very helpful to students. The course is really good keeps pace with industry standards. A lot of workshops and sessions are provided to enable us to keep up with the rapidly developing area of business analytics. Overall, the college provides quality education and helps students grow. Company: Nuevora Analytics Technologies Pvt Ltd. It has a really good work environment and is the perfect place to learn as you work. The amount of learning you do is endless as a lot of encouragement is given to explore new areas and provide new ideas to analyse business problems. It is the perfect place to start a career in analytics.

(Student Exchange) Revenue & Reservation Director, Ritz-Carlton Geneva.

GITAM was such a great experience for my career and personal life! I met amazing people that I won’t never forget and learned so much about the Indian culture. The moment you arrive at GITAM until you leave, the management team treat you like a VIP guest. Also, I had the opportunity to take very interesting courses to improve my skills in Marketing, with a preference for the Rural Marketing that we couldn’t learn in Europe. Teachers are passionated, I would definitely recommend this school! Thanks to this International Experience in GITAM I was able to reach my goals!

(Batch 2014-16) Nestle (India) Ltd.

GSIB-A prefect destination for a true aspirant.A person like me from a complete rural background to a opening job in best FMCG company like Nestle India Pvt Ltd shows the transformation levels. Lots of learning from highly electrifying faculty both from their teaching and Industrial experience gives us right kind of inputs which differentiates from the bunch. Life at GSIB is the most amazing days which I had in my life. I am really thankful to my parents for their support when I selected this institute and whole hearted thanks to all faculty members of GSIB who made me what I am today.

(Student Exchange) Fariquant De Textile Etudiant, Agence Lifting, Cachan, France.

Study at GSIB was a beneficial experience for me. Academically speaking of course (class of Rural Marketing doesn’t exist in France and it permits to understand very quickly the operation of this country). But beyond the academic, this experience in India allows a real immersion and made me discover a mentality and a way of life completely different. It made me grow up.

(Batch 2014-2016) GATI Kolkata

This emotional and mental augmentation would not have been possible without the unrelenting help and guidance of our professors. I’m deeply indebted to GSIB for nurturing me at every stage. A special note of appreciation to the placement department for the absolutely amazing start they gave our careers with the chosen set of companies they drove in for the recruitment drive. This little corner would probably fall short to describe all that the college has given to me. Be it memories during our international visit to Singapore or the confidence of coordinating all international and national conferences. Truly, I’m forever indebted to GITAM School of International Business.

(Batch 2012-2014) Taj-Gateway, Goa

I am proud to be GSIBian After lot of deliberations at my house, ultimately our family members zeroed on GSIB to pursue my PG education. I am proud to say that GSIB is having best faculty in the domain of MBA offering specialized courses such as Logistics Management, International Banking and Finance and International Business. The subjects that are taught in the school are more contemporary and tailor made suiting to the today’s industry needs, by providing real-time knowledge including practical insights drawn from the industry. The faculties are having practical knowledge even they are helpful and always ready to help to the students in nurturing students for overall personality development. Especially I am very much thankful to GSIB for providing me an opportunity to get selected for Taj-Gateway in a stiff competition of only one selected out of 125 students appeared for this interview. It is the endeavor of GSIB to provide perennial support by way of internal tests, Mock Interviews, Seminars, Conferences on topics confronting today’s business world. At my personal level, I sincerely request GSIB and its Faculty members to continue these activities and help student fraternity to face the corporate world.

(Batch 2012-2014) NTT Data, Hyderabad

It was great experience being at GSIB these two years, I have learnt many things and now when I look back I experience the change in me. I improved in terms of public speaking, anchoring, organizing and many more. I can also now recall that during my first presentation I was shivering with stage fear. I have learnt very good problem handling skills, stress management and how to meet deadlines. My internship was like a turning point which gave me a very good exposure and learning experience it always added towards my learning and helped me to learn and become better with every step. Main thing in GSIB is about placement, and in my first chance I got placed in NTT Data and I am very much satisfied with my Job and my parents also thank GSIB. The placement in GSIB was very good and almost all students got placed in good companies such as NTT Data, MAERSK, ITC, AXIS Bank and many such. I would thank all the faculties and non teaching staff for making me to reach this level.

(Batch 2012-2014) ITC, Visakhapatnam

Hearty congratulations to Placement Department of GSIB in showing patience all through and putting hard work both from the students and the placement department. As I was the member of the placement committee I know in the starting it looked like quite an uphill task to place 146 students but our newly instated placement officer Prof A.V. Rao seemed very positive and confident and now when I see the outcome of more than 85% have been placed. I would like to thank the school and the placement cell comprising of Prof A.V. Rao, Mr. Reddy and Mr. Mohammed Ishaq for guiding students in terms of taking necessary steps before attending an interview till they seize the opportunity.

(Batch 2007-09) Berger Paints India Ltd., Kolkata.

If any one wants to make a career in International Business, I think GSIB is the platform. The intense curricular activities cover both global and national scenarios. The School has a solid faculty line-up. The ambience is perfect for qualityeducation.

(Batch 2007-2009) GITAM School of International Business, Visakhapatnam

The place is good and even the college is good. About the lectures they are very simple and can be easily followed. The teaching is very simple and different too. Some of my classes very informal like the business creativity one, its fun attending them.

(Batch 2009-2011) GITAM School of International Business, Visakhapatnam

I feel the best part of a student exchange is the opportunity to meet so many students from different countries and in that way the thinking horizon increases tremendously. I would say student exchange (they call it Erasmus here) is something one must experience will be very helpful for personal growth and coming out of the comfort and living in a foreign country to manage everything by your own with a smiling face is something one gets to learn and practice.

(Batch 2006-08) National Stock Exchange, Mumbai

I was very happy with the course content of GITAM School of International Business (formerly GIFT). It provided new insights as well as a good amount of knowledge for my professional career. The professors and guest lectures and the guidance at GSIB helped me in my recruitment to National Stock Exchange.

(Student Exchange) Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France.

The classroom discourses are just good, and I have greatly enjoyed and learnt. The arrangements and facilities are of world class standards. I miss the food, people, colours of nature and beaches around the School. Three months is too short a time for such a wonderful stay. The experience and learning can never be forgotten. After attending the programme I am not the same person and I acknowledge that great transformation during my stay to the school. I wish to come back to India and the School once again.

(Student Exchange) Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France

The Courses were thoughtfully designed and delivered with utmost care; the class room discourses were participative. The infrastructure is very appreciable with high class guest house arrangements. The stay at the school was really a memorable one and I can never forget that. My stay in the campus also made me to understand that I discovered a very nice country with friendly people. This programme made me to remember India for a long time and I wish to come back to the School and country once more.

International Business Professional, Bovian, Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (A Suguna Group Company)

My two years at GSIB helped lay the foundation of my career. The comprehensive course content and the students came from diverse backgrounds enriched the overall learning process. My years at GSIB helped to develop an ability to excel in every endeavor. Our institute taught us how to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the highly demanding and fast paced lives of modern corporate executive. I feel that GSIB was a stepping stone for me.

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, VO2 Sports & Fitness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

Perhaps the greatest lessons I was taught as a student of GSIB were to always remain intellectually curious and ethically committed in a cross-cultural environment. It may get difficult at times, but we kept going. It was worthwhile and in the end made the most of the golden opportunities.

(Batch 2002-2004) Product Manager, Aptec distribution - An Ingram Micro Company Dubai

I can vouch and say that GSIB is the best thing that has happened to me in life. The kind of exposure & faculty that GSIB has makes all the difference. They make sure that we are prepared to face the world which is full of challenges & stand with pride. I am glad & proud to be a part of the School.

Assistant Manager , IDBI Bank LTD.

The course curriculum is extremely well designed with a view to train and equips the students with a holistic knowledge of International Business. The faculty are extremely supportive and are always ready to share their perspectives, knowledge and experiences with the students. The infrastructure and support mechanisms are the best among all B-Schools in India. Some of the most renowned organizations visit the campus every year for recruiting the students. As ambassadors of this esteemed School, I would like to welcome the students and witness a life changing memorable journey at GSIB.

(Batch 2001-2003) NTT DATA, USA

I take this opportunity to endorse success in my career to learning that has taken place at GSIB. The Curriculum offered at GSIB had all practical elements relating to current day business practices and the learning is based on a broad spectrum of core courses, electives, projects and field work. Together the MBA Programme made us approach every business case with merit. The School has always emphasized on the need for collaborative thinking and participation. GSIB has best inhouse and visiting faculty from academics and industry. The education received from them nurtured positive thought process and aided us to adapt to changing business dynamics.

(Student Exchange) Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France

We have been to village for a social project along with all our classmates for collecting data about the oral health conditions of the rural people through a survey. Although we didn’t understand the local language, and so we silently watched, it is a great learning experience that what GSIB is doing great to help the local milieu.

(Batch 2013-2015) Inrythms Ltd

After graduating as an electrical engineer, I joined GITAM School of International Business to pursue MBA in International Business. This program has helped me to sense the fast changing business requirements throughout the globe and developing resilient businesses to adept to these changes. This insight developed an interest in me to develop skills pertaining to analytic’s and business process optimization. The course also conveyed the shift in business paradigm that factors of production no more create sustainable competitive advantage and businesses today have become more customer centric. The only way for businesses to define their distinctive competitive abilities is to understand customers better. With human-technology interactions increasing profoundly, huge amounts of data are being captured and analyzed everyday which gives firsthand information about the key touch points of the customers. This is the avenue where analytics play a predominant role. At GSIB, the students are given hands on training of various analytical tools like SPSS which develops an inclination towards developing business insights that are justified by statistical models and quantitative assessments because we believe that statistics + Intuition = better decisions. High level of academic integrity and extensive usage of facilities provided at the school can drive the career of students into data analytics which is growing at a very rapid pace. Being a student of 2013-15 batch, I got selected in a US based data analytics company as a market research analyst, which opened up new avenues of learning and a great career ahead.