GITAM School of International Business

GITAM (Deemed to be University), Visakhapatnam

GITAM School of International Business (GSIB) believes that much learning occurs by involving students in activities other than curricular necessities. That too, when students are from multi-cultural backgrounds. In view of this, activities are lined up throughout the year to facilitate their learning beyond class-room discourses. They are as under:

“GSIBfest” is annual management festival of GSIB, and it is completely driven by students with guidance from faculty. It is organized every year in the month of February. Reputed B-Schools from different parts of the country are invited to nominate their students to participate in the festival. GSIB fest is an opportunity for GSIB students to give expression to their leadership skills and organize and manage the event. It is also an opportunity to develop events that are innovative and challenging in all verticals of Management. The event ends up with cultural programme which again gives GSIB students an opportunity to show-case their multi-cultural talents.

Industry-Interface is another annual event of GSIB completely driven by students under the guidance of placement committee. Existing Recruiters of the school are contacted, and appointments are fixed to meet them accordingly with a view to update them with the activities of the School, and to invite them to the school for final placements as well as for Summer Internship Projects. In addition, new business firms are also contacted to invite them to the school for the above purposes. Industry-Interface gives GSIB students an opportunity to meet corporate leaders and showcase themselves for possible placements. Also, it gives them an opportunity to understand the dynamics of the markets. Usually, industry-interface is for 7-10 days and on completion and return, students feel more confident and realistic in their expectations.

While some students are engaged every year on Industry Interface, others are engaged on Social Projects under the guidance of faculty members. The objective behind involving students on Social Projects is to sensitize students about the society around, its problems and tensions. The other objective being to encourage students find solutions to problems that society around is faced with. This would help the students to take class-room concepts to the application of social problems. On joining industry, GSIB students would wield power and command resources. As such their decisions would be socially desirable given sensitization to the society around.

It is important for students to keep themselves abreast of what is happening in Industry, markets, and Government. In view of this, GSIB encourages its students to participate in Seminars/ Workshops, and Conferences organized in the school and outside school.

It is also important for students to participate in Management Festivals that are organized by other premier B-Schools in India to show-case themselves and school. In view of this, GSIB students are encouraged to participate in management festivals.

GSIB invites distinguished people, CEOs to address faculty, students, and captains of Industry in Visakhapatnam. Students are encouraged to attend these lectures. In addition, they are encouraged to organize and manage these lectures.

Students are encouraged to organize their own activities through GSIB Students Club. These activities include quizzes, debates, discussions, business plan projects, and other events in all management verticals. But they do all these activities with support from one of the faculty members who coordinates with support from other faculty members. The objective behind these activities of GSIB Students Club is to keep the students informed of happenings in various verticals of Management, and markets in India and abroad. It is believed that these club activities would take students beyond application of class-room concepts to understanding issues in all the verticals of management.