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Global Vistas

A biannual journal of the School comprising papers on important contemporary themes in international economics and business; updates on international trade and business; practitioners’ perspectives; Book Reviews & Abstracts; CEO Interviews; and summaries of best Summer Project Reports of our students. The papers are generally non-technical and related to policy issues and business oriented. The updates are from various national and international organizations on varied themes and issues of current interest.

The views expressed are those of the authors themselves and not of the School.

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Industry analysts, policy makers, academicians and others interested in the themes mentioned above are welcome to send us papers / book reviews. The papers / book reviews may be emailed to

Subscription Information : Global Vistas (ISSN 0975-2110) is a biannual publication.

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  • Prof. Krishana
  • Prof R.Venkateswarlu

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  • Dr.K.Lubza Nihar
  • Dr.N.Bhanu Prakash
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