Research Programme

With a view to strengthen research in the School, M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes are introduced. The School emphasises research broadly in two thrust areas: International Business and Global Entrepreneurship. The students admitted to these Programmes would be required to go through one-year structured course-work in advanced topics. They would then be guided to choose a topic to pursue for thesis writing. Specifically in such areas as

  • Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Intellectual Properties Rights
  • International Trade Laws
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • International Accounting
  • Economics
  • Management in the Global context

The school also considers applications in all functional areas of Management.

List of PhD Awardees:
Scholar’s Name Supervisor’s Name M.Phil/ Ph.D.(F.T/P.T) Registration Year Title of the Research Topic Abstract Year
1 Mr.R. Mohan Prof.R.Venkateswarlu Ph.D.(PT) 2007-08 Inventory Management Models for Perishable Items with Quadratic Demand Patterns View April
2 Ms.S. Sri Lalitha Prof.M.V.Lakshmi

& Dr.D.Ravinath

Ph.D.(PT) 2007-08 The Impact of Kaizen Events on Perceived Employee Performance:  A Study on Indian Automotive Component Manufacturing Companies View April
3 Mr. B.V. Srinivas Prof.V.K.Kumar Ph.D.(PT) 2007-08 Strategic Cost Management in an integrated steel plant: An empirical study of Refractory cost at SAIL/Bhilai steel plant View Dec
4 Ms.Sania Khan Dr.D.Ravinath Ph.D.(PT) 2010-11 A study of Green IT Enablers: Modeling and Analysis of Consumer Purchasing Behaviour for Saudi Arabia View Sept
5 Mr.Subramanyam Mahadevan Prof.V.K.Kumar Ph.D.(PT) 2009-10 The Contagion Effect of Fairvalue Accounting: Evidence from Indian Banking Industry View Oct
6 Mr.G.S.S.Bhishma Rao Prof.R.Venkateswarlu Ph.D.(PT) 2008-09 A Mathematical Modelling Approach to Study Efficiency and Productivity of Indian Non-Life Insurance Firms View May
7 Mr.Kaza Sricharan Yajvi Dr.Ch.Venkataiah Ph.D.(PT) 2010-11 A Study on Visakhapatnam as a Transshipment Container Hub and a Gateway Port to South-East-Asia View Aug