About Faculty

The School believes that cultural diversity is important for learning in the class-room, and beyond the classroom. The Participating and Supporting faculty are drawn from industry, and academia. In addition to in-house faculty, faculty from other countries are invited to offer courses.

GSIB follows a two way approach for selection and recruitment of Participating Faculty members. GSIB assesses the need for the faculties annually and invites faculty from other premier B-Schools, and Industry for a presentation to the Faculty Council for direct recruitment on approval by the Faculty Council. It also recruits faculty through GITAM. The faculty are drawn from among the best minds in the country, especially in the fields of International Business, Finance, Economics, Marketing and Supply Chain.

Their inputs and experience adds quality to the Programs that the school offers. They are involved in curriculum review; content development; teaching, research, executive education, faculty development, social projects, industry-interface, academic administration, and institution building activities.Their inputs and experience adds quality to the Programmes that the school offers.